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Treatment fobia social


Social phobia is like any other disease treatment, the person who suffers in many cases can recover and return to a full and normal life, the goal of treatment is to help the person to function effectively and its success depends on the severity of the phobia.

Normally the treatment is carried out with specific medication therapy necessarily associated with type gradual.Aproximadamente 80 percent of people with social phobia find relief from their symptoms when they are undergoing treatment.

 Types of treatments of social phobia:

Psychological treatment

First of all we need to contact a psychologist to help us follow a personalized treatment. In any case, the psychological treatment does not always give good results by itself, as it sometimes takes too long this disorder rooted in the patient's life, to the point of thinking it is part of their personality and not simply a behavior unconscious patterns learned based on erroneous, as it actually is.

The therapy has proven more effective in the specific treatment of social phobia is called cognitive behavior. The cognitive part is to train the patient to detect his thoughts and replace or modify those that are not useful for a better quality of life. The behavior is controlled exposure to situations that cause anxiety. This gives you the anxiety caused by the different situations, gradually diminishes until a manageable level for the patient. The psychologist teaches patients techniques based on a social skills so he can control anxiety without ever physiological symptoms appear, once this is achieved through a process of months of treatment, the patient may face situations than before believed they could not afford.

The combination of both therapies allows the person suffering these disorders learn and change their way of thinking, which leads to a change in behavior, thus achieving a significant improvement in quality of life.

Drug treatment

There are now many drugs Family anxiolytics that have been proven effective in the treatment of social phobia, although many of them have a major drawback that side effects they have. Drug treatments presented here should be administered under medical supervision and never on its own initiative.

Briefly analyzed, the most widely used:

Prozac: This medication is used to treat severe depression and social phobia or. It was originally designed to treat depression, but then saw that altered some personality traits, and depressive attitudes, aggressiveness, irritability, and like these also acted shyness.

Hypericum: It's kind of prozac but natural and has fewer side effects than Prozac. This is an extract from a plant, the boiling of John. As is indicated prozac depressive disorders, and phobias. As antidepressant action manifests at least two weeks after starting treatment.

Seroxat: It is used to combat depression and pathological shyness or social phobia. Is marketed worldwide to treat depression, but also has been found to be effective for anxiety and social phobias.

Other drugs for treating social phobias are: Trankimazin, Rivotril, Lexatin, Tenormin, etc..

Treatment group

Self-help groups are a great resource to consider for those affected by social phobia, but perhaps can be difficult to arrange for the same character of social phobia, which if they are recognized is a great value in the exchange of information, to take them a chance to talk with others who are going through similar situations and lose the embarrassment of saying publicly. During the meetings of these groups are used the techniques and cognitive behavioral strategies, usually conducted by psychologists and psychotherapists specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, which have previously had a single conversation with participants.

Advantages of this treatment:

• Check that you are not alone.
Independence of the patient, it is he who overcomes the problems do not have to wait for custom guide of the therapist.
• Public commitment for change, which involves peer pressure to change.
• Motivation to change on the success of others. It helps them to believe in the techniques used.
• Benefit there are other people to create various social situations.
• You can keep the rejection or the fact of recognizing the symptoms of anxiety that is absent in the social situation. Almost no one ever tells you wearing red in a social situation.

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