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The treatment of social phobia

The treatment of social phobia
I now proceed to explain what is the treatment of social phobia that works, so yes, you will have to apply each treatment point if you want to overcome it, otherwise you can keep complaining about your social phobia and if you keep complaining, why seekest Google as overcoming social phobia and then not act?

The thoughts are useless if there is no action behind, I have known that they love a book that says "to get something you just have to want it" and they are very happy saying: "I always find what I'm looking for parking because I visualize as meeting parking and go with that attitude, "and give me plenty of examples. But all of them are unemployed and I'm the one who keeps her company. This means that much to think about and want something, or you move and act or you will get nothing.

Said and clarified that started treatment in 4 steps.

Stop complaining

This is the first step in overcoming social phobia, Stop complaining about your situation!, To curse at home, to mourn, saying: "I have no friends", the cries are useless. Have you ever helped complain? I doubt anyone would have won the lottery by being a vague regret, or someone has made many friends regret not having them.

The regrets are useless, well yes, to waste your time and get negative miserably obviously serve the lamentations if serious cases because they help us let off steam, but not social phobia, social phobia with all they do is depressed more and prevent leave home.

Stop being a whiny sucker and start acting to change your situation because if you change it will not change anyone and think that you are not taking notice.

Make views

So I really started, but I always do unconsciously, when I get something I imagine myself getting that thing in different situations and feel the thrill of doing, which gives me a lot of motivation for both display.

You can do the same! Visualize yourself talking to a lady in the elevator, waving down the street, talking to a stranger on the bus ... at first if your social phobia is a little severe perhaps cause you some panic and shame, but do not give up and continues doing these daily visualization exercises, these exercises will give you the feeling of already having been there, and you make it easier for you to go out of the house and socialistic more.

If one day wanted to say hello to 5 people and you have not dared or wanted to start a conversation with the lady in the elevator and you've scared, arriving displays the situation as if you had, you will calm down and the next time you act in Instead of staying silent, or at least that you will act closer instead of staying stationary.

Improve your sociability progressively

Not mean to leave the street one day out of the blue and start talking with every god, that's absurd. To overcome your social phobia do not have 10 minutes to talk with a stranger, you begin to overcome social phobia from the moment in which you do something, however small, that you did not before.

The first year I sent in the course of sociability is say "hello" to strangers on the street as they make their way, I showed it on video, explaining how to do step by step. Just to say hello to strangers and are taking another step, it's easy, a hello and go your way you do not need or that you answer. The next step may be as simple as asking the streets, the other streets that do not exist, the other put on a shirt with letters that say things like: "pétame ass" and something like that, that make you feel a little social pressure .

Overcoming social phobia is progressive, a little more each day, each week a little more and a little more each month, in a year you will have entirely overcome your social phobia, 100% safe, and you'll have a respectable and social skills, but this requires ...

Practice, without practice is useless, especially things that require exercise. Treatment of social phobia is not based on reading books or watching videos, is based on action and practice. You have to leave the house, the more the better and try to improve every day, work hard, act, it is useless to think, read, watch videos, listen to audios then if you keep looking for blogs and forums.

Do not throw half hour reading my articles! Sal now home immediately and ask God every time you meet, you'll see how you feel better to overcome your social phobia and be more sociable.

I stress the importance of acting, because there is no change without action, you are in your life because you do some certain things, If you keep doing the same things as you pretend that your situation changes? It is impossible, for there is a change in your life should be a change in your life, a change is as simple as that rather than get to the end of isolated bus, you sit next to someone and ask that they stop it " Castellón Jerome ", and if you can tell when you arrive and then, who does not like things questions: Are you from here?, is probably just start a mini with that conversation and you say to yourself:" Why, not that hard to start a conversation. "

At such times you can also feel like a jerk because you realize that your fear and no sense that you've spent half your life without daring to talk to people when it's really easy to meet and interact with people.

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